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Closet Organization and Storage Systems

Walk-in and reach-in closets — our specialty since 1987

Walk-in closet shelving system photoWell designed custom closets from Closet Concepts can turn a disorganized bedroom into a restful retreat. Not only do you get additional storage space (up to 30%) but you have designated spaces for each piece of clothing. This makes keeping your things organized over the long term easy.

Walk-in closets have plenty of space but plenty of challenges. A professional designer will determine the best way to handle corners, angles and door swings to provide the most efficient storage. We will also help determine if spacing allows extra-deep drawer towers (hutches) and/or islands. With very high ceilings, we can provide three tiered hanging with drop-down rods for easy access.

Reach-in closets have their own challenges depending on the type of doors and depth of the returns (dead end corners). We have developed specialized solutions to maximize accessibility no matter what your closet lay-out. You'll be surprised how much storage a small closet can provide with the right components in the right places.

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