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Garage Storage Solutions

Getting your garage organized can extend your work and hobby space

garage storage solutions for westchester homes With intelligent lay-out and the right components from Closet Concepts, your garage could be a valuable extension of your home and the perfect place for many activities.

Traditionally, garages have been for the car and for storage overflow from the house. Now, with our need-specific shelving, cabinets, work benches and wall hanging systems, the garage can easily address your overflow storage from the house (pantry goods, etc.) plus allow work spaces for do-it-yourself, auto maintenance, hobbies and gardening. And flexible hanging systems will keep your yard tools out of the way but at your fingertips.

Still too much to stuff? How about either stationary or pulley actuated ceiling storage for bulky items or even bicycles. Closet Concepts designers will provide a complete solution that will make the most of this long neglected space.

organize your garage to gain more useful space