Closet Design Consultation

Custom-designed closet shelving systems and home storage solutions

You will receive, without charge, a complete Optimization Review for your project, including: Closet Concepts recommends home storage solutions in NY and NJ

  1. A professional evaluation of the current storage conditions and a discussion of the existing shortcomings.
  2. A collaborative design process that focuses on the customer wants and needs:
  3. Specifically, what do they dislike about the current configuration?
  4. What was the main reason they wanted to reorganize?
  5. What specific storage functions do they need more of? Less of?
  6. How would they prioritize the following needs: short hang, long hang, shelves for folded clothing, shoe storage (how many?), drawers to supplement or replace bedroom drawers?
  7. Is there a need for functional accessories such as tie rack, belt rack, valet rod, hamper, jewelry tray, fold away mirror or ironing board, etc.?
  8. Is the main priority cost or should the closet be upgraded for asthetics? Available are woodgrain finish, raised panel drawer fronts, crown molding, doors, hardwood drawer boxes, soft close drawer slides plus hundreds of optional pulls and knobs.
  9. A distillation of the above information into a discrete closet design based on customer preferences and the available space. It will be realistically rendered with computerized 3D imagery, either during the consultation (if time allows) or to be emailed soon after the visit.
  10. The renderings then become the contract: the final closet will be an exact reproduction of the diagrams - there is no question about what was promised vs. what was delivered.
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