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Closets, Home Offices, Kitchens, Mud Rooms and Other Home Spaces

Custom designed media center At Closet Concepts, we offer a broad range of home storage solutions to help you get more use and enjoyment from your living space. We keep abreast of what is happening in the industry to bring you the latest trends and styles. This allows us to design storage solutions that are not only easy to use, but also look fabulous in your home. And because we use quality components, we can give you a lifetime guarantee on our work.

Our team of dedicated home storage professionals can organize every room in your home or apartment:

Closet Organization and Storage Systems

Walk-in closets and reach-in closets — our specialty since 1987

Closet Storage Systems A well-organized closet can be one of the most valuable areas in your house. We can "create" up to 30 percent more storage space by filling the walls completely with well-designed components. And the resulting organization makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for. With a closet system from Closet Concepts, you can maximize your closet space and minimize your frustration.

reach-in closet keeps a bedroom organizedWell designed custom closets from Closet Concepts can turn a disorganized bedroom into a restful retreat. Not only do you get additional storage space (up to 30%) but you have designated spaces for each piece of clothing. This makes keeping your things organized over the long term easy.

Walk-in closets have plenty of space but plenty of challenges. A professional designer will determine the best way to handle corners, angles and door swings to provide the most efficient storage. We will also help determine if spacing allows extra-deep drawer towers (hutches) and/or islands. With very high ceilings, we can provide three-tiered hanging with drop-down rods for easy access.

Closet Storage Systems Reach-in closets have their own challenges depending on the type of doors and depth of the returns (dead end corners). We have developed specialized solutions to maximize accessibility no matter what your closet lay-out. You'll be surprised how much storage a small closet can provide with the right components in the right places.

Closet Storage Systems The traditional coat closet was never very good at addressing the needs for main entry way storage. A rod and shelf leaves shoes buried underneath the coats, and hats and scarves are too high up. A well-designed entry way closet has long hang for overcoats, double hang for jackets and a set of shelves for shoes, umbrellas and winter accessories. Baskets and drawers keep things even neater.

Wardrobe Storage

A solution when closets aren’t an option

Closet Storage SystemsNot everyone has space for a generous walk-in closet or even a modest reach-in. But we may have a solution for you.

If you don’t have the room to install a closet yet need additional storage space for in- or off-season clothes, we can create a wardrobe with hanging rods, drawers and shelves. You will solve your storage problem economically and gain an attractive piece of furniture tailored to your specific needs.

Home Office Organization & Storage

For home and professional offices: Solutions that will make you more productive

home office organization Do you have a little-used spare room? Closet Concepts can turn a spare room or empty corner into an attractive home office workspace for your computer, reference materials, supplies and other essentials.

Closet Concepts will work with you to create an efficient home office or professional office environment that makes your work easier and more productive.

As new technology allows more of us to stay at home and avoid the commute, greater demands are being placed on having the right home office work space. We can provide desks, file storage, cabinets, bookshelves and more.

home office organization Are you a professional with a special type of office need? Adding convenience to the office of a doctor or attorney is one of our specialties, whether the project is large or small. We can provide a new desk, storage cabinets or bookshelves that will improve staff morale and productivity.

Designing a productive office environment is a complex task that takes into consideration ergonomics, the latest communications technology, wire management, files, books and supplies. We have years of experience providing the best solutions for a professional’s needs.

Kitchen Pantry Organizers

Pantry organizer We can put your cooking utensils, pots, dry foods and bottled drinks right at your fingertips. Our creative use of shelves allows you to store, see and retrieve the items you need with ease. And pull-out trays and bins make things even more accessible.

kitchen pantry organizer With a Closet Concepts pantry, cooking becomes less of a chore and more of a joy. You can truly enjoy the time you spend in your kitchen when your necessities are accessible.

Garage Storage Solutions

Extend your work and hobby space

garage storage solutions With intelligent lay-out and the right components from Closet Concepts, your garage could be a valuable extension of your home and the perfect place for many activities.

Traditionally, garages have been for the car and for storage overflow from the house. Now, with our need-specific shelving, cabinets, work benches and wall hanging systems, the garage can easily address your overflow storage from the house (pantry goods, etc.) plus allow work spaces for do-it-yourself, auto maintenance, hobbies and gardening. And flexible hanging systems will keep your yard tools out of the way but at your fingertips.

organize your garage to gain more useful space Still too much to stuff? How about either stationary or pulley actuated ceiling storage for bulky items or even bicycles. Closet Concepts designers will provide a complete solution that will make the most of this long neglected space.

an organized garage or workroom Our durable shelves, cabinets, drawers, work benches and wall hangers can transform your garage from just a place to park the family car to an organized and attractive customized storage and work room.

Mud-Room Organizers

Mud Room OrganizerYour kids’ entry way can challenge you in keeping your home clean and organized. Without a kid-friendly storage system, every day is an opportunity for chaos. But by creating specific spaces for the boots, jackets and backpacks, kids find it easy to keep mom happy. Mudroom systems designed by Closet Concepts provide benches to aid removal and storage of those dirty shoes, hooks at the right height for jackets, and cubbies for other transportable items.

No matter what your entry way configuration is, Closet Concepts designers are trained to take your space, your family members and your lifestyle into consideration and develop the best solution for your home.

Laundry Room Organizers

Laundry Room SolutionsIf laundry is your least favorite chore, our shelves, cabinets, drip dry, and folding tables can make the task easier. You’ll never need to let the laundry pile up again.

Some of our clients have turned a prosaic laundry room into a dual-purpose room by the addition of office components like a personal work desk or a place that supports a hobby or working out. Whatever your interest, our designers can help you realize it.

Wall Units and Media Centers

Keep your books, electronics and collectibles organized

Wall unit storage and organization Custom wall units are fine furniture pieces that can serve any of several purposes. Whether it’s a library of books or the latest audio-video gear for a home theater or media center, Closet Concepts can create a storage solution that will satisfy your functional needs while enhancing the decor of the room.

Wall unit storage and organization Custom media centers provide the right staging for your tv and keep your components, controllers, and compact disks organized.

Custom-built bookcases will keep your books and collectibles displayed for everyday enjoyment.

No matter what the media, we can build the right cabinets, drawers and shelving to keep them beautifully at your fingertips. And Closet Concepts uses energy efficient LED lighting for good visibility and setting the right mood.

Wall Beds

Wall-beds provide the ultimate in flexibility and functionality to any space. Integrated into a home office, study, playroom or family room, they are out of the way in a stylish cabinet until you need an extra bedroom. The pull-down mechanism is balanced for convenience. And built-in lighting makes guests feel comfortable.

Our designer will develop a plan that satisfies all of the functional requirements of a comfortable sleep space with a real mattress.

Home Storage Solutions Made from Quality Materials

Home storage solutions from Closet Concepts represent superior quality and durability.

Closet Concepts manufactures an array of high-quality components to meet your home storage needs, including closets with hanging, shelving, drawers, cabinets, window seats and islands; wardrobes with hanging, shelves and drawers; wall units and entertainment centers; garage cabinets and workbenches; home office desks with file drawers, storage drawers, top cabinets and bookcases; wall beds with bookshelves; and laundry cabinets and folding tables. We also offer hampers, jeweler trays, valet rods and other accessories. With our extensive product offerings, you can count on Closet Concepts to create a custom home storage solution to fit your needs and budget.

Contact us today to learn more about how our home storage solutions can enhance your home and lifestyle!

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