Forever Yours Guarantee

Even when your needs change, you will never outgrow the closet we install for you

An exclusive benefit of Closet Concepts is our guarantee you will never out-grow your closet. Once we have installed a closet, we will, at no charge, provide rods and/or shelving to maintain optimal functionality as your needs change.

For example, a new baby's closet is very different from a teenager's closet. Infants have greater needs for shelf storage than for hanging - you know all of the "stuff" that comes along with an infant. However, as the child grows, hanging becomes a priority. In this case, Forever Yours will supply additional rods to change a shelf section into a hanging section - our system is completely flexible.

What if a boy's room suddenly becomes a girl's room? We'll change that double hang section into a long hang section with extra shelves above.

Lets say we complete a closet installation to your specification and once you fill it you find out that you have too much hanging and not enough shelf storage for folded clothing or shoes. Forever Yours will convert that hanging section into shelves, at no charge. While other companies "nickel and dime" these changes, with Closet Concepts, once your closet is installed, you have stopped spending money.

Obviously there are some limitation to the Forever Yours Guarantee: we cannot make modifications that require changing the vertical components - that would require a complete deconstruction and re-assembly. But because of the modular nature of our closets, this is usually not needed.

So ask our completion if their closets are Forever Yours. They probable see future changes as a profit center; we see it as a normal service to our valued customers.

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